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Ps3 Media Server Ubuntu

The best Ps3 media server software that I have found for Ubuntu and any other linux distro for that matter is the PS3 Media Server.  The PS3 Media Server software I found to be that easiest media server software to setup, and contain the most support for video and audio files.

Not only does the Ps3 Media Server have a lot of support for different file types, but the quality of the output is amazing.  I have tried many other media server software such as Fuppes, MediaTomb and Tversity over the past couple of years, but the Ps3 Media Server program has seems real promising.  The only down fall to the Ps3 media server program is that it only works with the Playstation 3, so if you are using Xbox 360 I recommend the Fuppes Dlna media server. To begin the installation the first you will want to change to the opt directory, and then download the source.

cd /opt


Once you have downloaded the Ps3 media server, you will then need to unpack the media server program.

tar -xf pms-linux-1.10.5.tgz

Then change the PS3 media server’s name to Media-Server.

mv pms-linux-1.10.5 Media-Server

You will then need to install some dependencies, in order to get the Playstation 3 media server program to work.

apt-get install mencoder ffmpeg mplayer vlc ubuntu-restricted-extras sun-java6-jre

After you install the dependencies, you then need to make the file and tsMuxeR file executable.

chmod a+x /opt/Media-Server/
chmod a+x /opt/Media-Server/linux/tsMuxeR

Next you will need to change to the Media-Server directory.

cd /opt/Media-Server

Now run the sh ./ command to start the Ps3 Media Server for the first time.  Then press Ctrl + C to stop the Playstation 3 media server program.

sh ./

CTRl + C

Sometimes the PMS.conf is not created during the setup. If this happens, navigate to /opt/Media-Server.  The vi /opt/Media-Server/PMS.conf then write a blank file. Finally chmod 777 /opt/Media-Server/PMS.conf to make the file writable then open up the Ps3 Media Server program and click save, which should write the settings to the PMS.conf file.

vi /opt/Media-Server/PMS.conf

chmod 777 /opt/Media-Server/PMS.conf

Now if you want to make the ps3 media server program to automatically start, unfortunately you must have a desktop gui install such as gnome or kde.  Another problem associated with the auto starting the Ps3 media server program is that you must be logged in before you the media server program will even start.  You can also consider setting you Ubuntu box to automatically log into your user account. I am still looking around on how to fix this problem, and will update as soon as I find the fix. To setup the auto start for the Ps3 media server, we will need to make a script to do this.

vi /opt/Media-Server/

Insert this code into the file.

cd /opt/Media-Server

You will then need to make the Start-Server file executable.

chmod a+x /opt/Media-Server/

Once you have completed the above, log into you Ubuntu linux pc and click the following in order.

  1. System
  2. Preferences
  3. Startup Applications.

Once the Startup Applications program open up, click the add button.  Give the auto startup program a description like Ps3 media server or Media Server. Then you will need to navigate to the file, to create a link between the Startup Applications program and the Ps3 media server program. This should be /opt/Media-Server/

After you have completed the above you will then need to reboot you computer to make sure the auto start script worked for the ps3 media server program. Once your computer reboots, go and turn on your Playstation 3 and hopefully you see the new Ps3 media server icon.  If you don’t see the ps3 media server icon, go to you Ubuntu pc and make sure that the main screen show your ps3 is connected.

Inside the Ps3 Media Server program, you might want to consider setting it to automatically start minimized.  The start minimized option will make it so that you won’t have to look at the Ps3 media server program every time you log into your Ubuntu box.

PS3 Media Server Status

If your Ps3 Media Server program doesn’t look like the above image, go and click on the General Configuration tab.  Inside the general configuration tab you should see the option that says “force networking on interface”,  set this to your network adapter.

Playstation 3 Media Server General Configuration

The final thing that you will need to do is add the media folder that you want to share with your ps3.  Go and click on the Navigation and Share settings tab and add your media folder in the box at the bottom.  After you have added your media files simply click the save button and then the restart HTTP server. For more help please visit the Ps3 Media Server Forum.

Ps3 Media Server Navigation Share


2 Responses to Ps3 Media Server Ubuntu

  • Any hints or tips on this? I’ve tried downloading pms-linux from several sources, someone has written a script to install it and I’ve managed to somehow add it to my synaptic (version 1.20.412+svn413-3, maintainer Papa Issa DIAKHATE )

    When loading psm, the status tab always hangs at contacting PS3. However, I guess because I’ve had more than one version installed, I was able to stream to my PS3, but clearly not through the pms instance I was running (as no alterations I made had any effect). In an attempt to remedy this, I removed and purged all traces of the package, but now it seems to still be using my old pms.conf file (navigation tab -> shared folders still shows I’m sharing /data/video and /data/music) but I now cannot stream.

    Any thoughts? I’ve tried asking on Ubuntu forums, but no one seems willing or able to help.

    • Its possible you media server is not on the the correct network. Go into the ps3 media server program and look to see what the configuration is set for you network interface. You could also try deleting the old pms.conf file and then reinstalling ps3 media server. Google “psm.conf options” just in case you may have to edit the psm.conf file manually.

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