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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to setup an Ubuntu print server, which is a computer that acts as a print server on your local network.  This will allow for all your other computers in your house to be able to share one printer.  I will then show you how to setup your Windows 7 pc to be able print to your new Ubuntu print server.  You can also use this guide if you are using Windows XP and Windows Vista with minor adjustments.

Ubuntu Print Server Setup

So lets get this started, the first thing you need to do after you have Ubuntu installed is set a static ip address.  Now you don’t have to set a static ip address, but it will make it easier if you ever want to configure the server remotely.  Learn how to set a static ip address on an Ubuntu server. Now that you have set a static ip address on your Ubuntu print server, you will now need to setup printer sharing.  Click on:

  • System
  • Administration
  • Printing

You should now have a window that resembles the image below that list the printer that is currently connected to your Ubuntu pc.  The next thing that you will need to do is right click on the printer that you want to share, and then select properties.

Now that the properties window is open you will then need to select Policies, which is located on the left.  Once the Policies settings opens on the right, make sure you select Enabled, Accepting Jobs, and most importantly Shared.  Refer to the image below if you need any help with the settings.

Now that you have your Ubuntu print server installed, you will now need to configure the client computers that will be sending print jobs to the server.  So on your Windows 7 computers go to the control panel, and then click on the Hardware and Sound.  Once the Hardware and Sound menu is open, you will then need to click on “add a printer” which is located under Devices and Printers.  Once you have the Add Printer option opened, you will then need to click on Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.

Windows 7 will now start searching for available printers on the network.  This will work if you are trying to share a printer from another windows based pc, but since you are using linux as your printer server you will have to configure this manually.  So what you need to do is click the printer that I want isn’t listed link.  A new window should open up allowing you to browse for a printer, select a shared printer by name, or enter a TCP/IP address for the printer location.  You will want to leave this window open for now because you will need to configure it a little later on.

You now need to find the exact address of where your printer is located; this is why setting a static ip address on your Ubuntu server is important and will make your job easier.  So open your favorite web browser and type in the ip address of your print server followed by the port address of 631.  So in the browser the URL should look something like this http://ubuntu-server-ip:631.  Since my ip address is, I would type in the browser.

Your browser should now display something similar to the image below.  Ubuntu uses an open source program called CUPS which is written by Apple and is for use with Macintosh and UNIX operating systems.  Once the CUPS program is open in your web browser, click on the Printers tab located at the top right hand side of the screen. Once the Printers screen is open, select your printer from the list.  Now that you have selected your printer, look at the URL bar in your browser and copy this ip address.

Now you will then need to go back to the Add Printer screen that you left open earlier.  Select the radio button that says “Select a shared printer by name”, and paste the ip address of your printer into the box.  Finally press the next button so you can install the correct driver for your printer. Just go through the driver list until you find the correct make and model of your printer and simply install the driver on your Windows 7 client computer.  You will need to configure every Windows based pc’s in your house if you want to be able to the print the Ubuntu server.

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5 Responses to Ubuntu Print Server Windows 7

  • Iain says:

    Note: Windows will ask you to select a driver for the printer. If you have the Windows print drivers, you should use them. Click the “Have Disk” button and select the .inf file that describes your print drivers.
    If you do not have the drivers for the printer or cannot load the .inf file, you should select the “MS Publisher Color Printer” driver from the “Generic” manufacturer. It gives all the printing functionality you should need.

  • Melisa Klenke says:

    Which Windows-Mac-Linux distro do you have and why?
    I just got a Lenovo Core Duo and replaced Vista with Mint Linux kde.

  • Harriett Legler says:

    I have a desktop with linux ubuntu connected to a usb printer. How can i hook up my laptop wirelessly to this printer with windows 7? Thanks

  • Elinor Sturgell says:

    So I was wondering which linux distro will be best for web developer?

    I have Windows 7 and about to dual boot ubuntu studio.

    btw using different GUI GNOME, XFCE, KDE make any difference?

  • Marcie Thach says:

    I know a little about IT so please dont just say ‘go to maplins or PC world’ i want to do it myself to cut the costs.

    I own a small hotel (30 rooms plus small pool, gym, restuarant). Now i want to add computers for staff to use. two at reception, and 10 in the office. i want roaming profiles so staff can log on at any comp, EG they take it in turns to be at reception, so need to log on when there out there. the other requirements is they have a drive in their ‘My computer’ to access a file server. What hardware / software will i need to set this network up and running. I know its only small, but we are only just starting up, i can add other features later such as printing and internet etc.

    to recap…

    i already have 12 computers – windows 7 enterprise (bought them)

    i want roaming profiles
    i need a server to store files on

    what hardware/ software will i need to buy to set this network up and get connected? thanks v much

    what cables / wires will i need? router? swithc? what will i need and why?

    please tell me all things i will need (other than the computers running win 7 enterprise) to set up this network to my requirements, and why i will need each thing. Thanks v much for taking time to help me.

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