Configure Fuppes Media Server on Ubuntu


This guide is on configuring and tweaking Fuppes Media Server, which will help improve the quality of you media playback. While improving the quality of your media, I will also show you how to make your DLNA and UPnp devices more compatible with the Fuppes Media Server.

To begin configuring and tweaking the Fuppes Media Server, you are going to want to open up the fuppes.cfg file.  The fuppes.cfg file could be located in a few different areas on you Ubuntu linux server. Once you open up your fuppes.cfg files, you should have a file that looks like my original fuppes.cfg.

vi /root/.fuppes/fuppes.cfg
vi /home/USERNAME/fuppes.cfg
vi /etc/fuppes/fuppes.cfg

The first thing that you are going to want to do is add the directories to where your media is currently located on your linux server. This should be located at around line 4 or 5 in the fuppes.cfg file.


After you have located you media directories and have inserted the folder locations into your fuppes.cfg files, you will then need to specify to Fuppes on what ip address and port number to run the media server on. Instead of specifying a certain ip address, you can also insert the network interface instead. Etc …eth0, eth1.

<!--empty = automatic detection-->
<!--empty or 0 = random port-->
<!--list of ip addresses allowed to access fuppes. if empty all ips are allowed-->

The next thing that you are going to want to do is enable DLNA. Scroll down to about line 44 and change false to true.


Finally scroll down to about line 186 and enable the ps3 for usage with your fuppes media server.

<device name="PS3" enabled="true">
<user_agent>UPnP/1.0 DLNADOC/1.00</user_agent>

Then scroll down to line 190 and make sure that again DLNA is enabled for the Playstation 3.


After you have enabled the PS3 and Dlna, all you have to do now is make sure that transcoding is enabled in the fuppes.cfg file for the Playstation 3.

<transcode enabled="true">

5 Responses to Configure Fuppes Media Server on Ubuntu

  • Sven says:


    Any idea what the device settings would look like for Windows Media Player 12 (Windows7)? I also had a look on google to figure out something like a list of settings for various hardware devices exists – but couldn’t find one. If you have an idea, could you share it?



    • machesked says:

      Once you create the media server with Fuppes, all you should have to do is go and click on the start button, then click on Network. Inside the network folder, you should see the fuppes media server. Just click on the Fuppes icon, then you should be able to browse for the file. Im am just guess at this and haven’t tried it since, I recently switched over to the Ps3 Media server. I really don’t ever use Windows Media Player, I usually use either Quicktimes since I can control the bandwidth of the stream or I use CCCP codecs with mplayer.

    • machesked says:

      I might have gave you the wrong info on the last comment. I was explaining on how to use fuppes as a server and windows media player as the client program. If you are trying to use Windows Media Player as the server, and another device as the client. Then all you need to do is organize the movies, pictures, music that you have into the folders located at c:\Users\USERNAME.

      I tried this on my Ps3 and it works, but the main problem you might have with windows media player as the server software is that it probably won’t be able to play all your files. The problem with windows media player is that usually lacks codecs that you need to play certain files.

      I used to use Windows Media Center, but it wouldn’t play mp4 and mkv at the time. If you have any problems with Windows Media Player, I suggest using Tversity. I wrote a tutorial on how to setup tversity, it should be located under the Media Server category.

      • Sven says:


        I was referring to using WMP as client, not server (although the new Play To: function in WMP12 is excellent). The reason I was asking is exactly the one you were referring to: codecs. So what I figured was that it would be neat to create a device type for WMP12 that automatically makes sure that the content streamed to WMP is using a codec understood by WMP natively – thus getting around having to install codecs on Windows, using different players, etc in the first place.

        I just figured out that WMP announces itself to a DLNA server as “user agent: Microsoft-Windows/6.1 UPnP/1.0 Windows-Media-Player/12.0.7600.16415 DLNADOC/1.50 (MS-DeviceCaps/1024)” – so I’ll try and muddle my way through creating a device type in Fuppes for it. Should be interesting.



  • Sven says:

    About the above: yes I DID see the (short) list on the Fuppes Wiki, but that’s a very short one…. Of course I’ll try expanding on that one if I come across other devices on the internet…

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