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Torrentflux Linux Torrent Server

Torrentflux-b4rt is great program to turn an old computer you have laying around into a linux home torrent server. Torrentflux-b4rt is like other torrent programs you may have used in the past, but this program is meant for linux and can be accessed using an ip address.

Since torrentflux-b4rt runs as a web gui, the greatest thing about torrentflux is that it can be accessed from other computers on your local area network and while you are on the road away from home.  The following directions will show you how to install torrentflux-b4rt on Ubuntu 8.04, but can be used for other linux distros with minor changes. The first thing that you are going to want to do is log in under su.


After you log in under su, you now are going to have to install a basic lamp system on your linux pc. A lamp system consist of mysql and apache, which will allow you to access your torrentflux-b4rt from a web page.

apt-get install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server bzip2

After you have installed the LAMP system, we can begin to download and extract thetorrentflux-b4rt linux torrent server program.

cd /var/www


tar -xjvf torrentflux-b4rt_1.0-beta2.tar.bz2

This command will change the torrentflux-b4rt name into an easier one to remember.

mv torrentflux-b4rt_1.0-beta2 torrentflux

We also need to install a few more programs.

apt-get install php5-cli php5-gd phpmyadmin zip unzip unrar libxml-dom-perl libxml-simple-perl libthreads-shared-perl libhtml-parser-perl transmission-cli libdigest-sha1-perl bittornado

After you have installed the above packages, point your web browser towards http://IP/torrentflux/html/setup.php to begin the installation process of torrentflux-b4rt.

Torrentflux-B4rt Setup

Click on the next button.

Torrentflux Mysql

Once you have selected Mysql for your database type, point another browser window towards http://IP/phpmyadmin and login under root using your mysql root password you set earlier, so that you can create a new user for your torrentflux account. Once phpmyadmin opens up, you need to click on privileges; and then on add a new user. You should now have a window that resembles the picture below. All you have to do is fill in the boxes on the top of the screen and hit the check all button under global privileges. Make sure you remember the username and password, since this will be your login information for torrentflux-b4rt.

Phpmyadmin Add User

After you have filled in the above forms, click on the go button. You have now created yourself a user name and password for your torrentflux-b4rt account.

Phpmyadmin Add User Successful

Once you have created yourself a username, go back to the http://IP/torrentflux/html/setup.php page and fill in the information for your Mysql database. All you have to do to is fill in the forms, with the user account information you created on the http://IP/phpmyadmin page.

Torrentflux Mysql Database

After you have created the new database, you now need to chmod a few files to 777. There are a few ways to chmod these files. One way is to use webmin, which is displayed below. Or you can also chmod the files under the command window.

chmod 777 /var/www/torrentflux/html/inc/config/

Chmod 777 Torrentflux

After you have completed the install you should have window like the one below. Notice there are a few programs that are not installed, but you torrentflux-b4rt server will work perfectly fine without the other programs.

Torrentflux-b4rt System Tools

The last thing that you have to do in order to access your torrentflux-b4rt account is to delete /var/www/torrentflux/html/setup.php.

rm /var/www/torrentflux/html/setup.php

Delete Torrentflux Setup Php




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  • Awesome tutorial, works like a charm and everything is groovy. Thanks for your effort on this :P

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    • First of all don’t insult me and then try asking me for help! If you have utorrent already installed on your computer, all you have to do is double click on the torrent file and it will automatically load into utorrent to download gta 4. If that don’t work, there could be a problem with the torrent file and not utorrent.

  • Спасибо!!!
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