Tether MetroPCS Samsung Code | tether samsung code

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to tether your MetroPCS Samsung Code internet connection to a pc or laptop. Tethering is nothing more than allowing you to use the internet connection from your cell phone on your computer. After you complete this tutorial your MetroPCS Samsung Code will now act as a modem to the internet. Some of the benefits of using MetroPCS and tethering your cell phone are as follows.


  • MetroPCS has no contracts unlike Verizon, At&t and Sprint
  • MetroPCS allows unlimited phone, text and data connection
  • MetroPCS only cost $50 a month compared to $70 – $80 a month at other providers
  • Allows you to always have a internet connection on your pc as long as you cell phone can receiver internet
  • MetroPCS will be getting 4g coverage first


  • Limited Coverage Area (How often do you leave your coverage area?)
  • Lack the latest and greatest cell phones like the Android and Iphone (I don’t need my cell phone to light my cigarettes that is what a lighter is for!)

The main scenario that most would want to be able to tether there cell phone to their pc or laptop is when you are on a business trip or vacation and are unable to access a wifi connection or a lan internet connection.  To start this tutorial off, the only equipment you will need is your Samsung Code cell phone, the usb adapter that came with the phone, a pc and maybe a blue tooth adapter if you don’t have the usb adapter.

So the first thing that you will need to do is power on your Samsung Code phone and then plug the usb adapter into your phone and computer.  After Windows Mobile Device Center has connected you cell phone to your pc, you need to download a few free programs.

The first program that you will need to download is the secpolicies.cab and place this in you My Documents folder on your Samsung Code.  Once the secpolicies.cab program has been placed on you cell phone, simply install the program and power down your phone by holding down end call button for a few seconds.  After your Samsung Code powers down, you will then need to power up the phone by holding down the end call button for a few seconds.

The next program that you will need to download and install is the BJ.WM6.ICS.Enable.cab file.  Again just like before place the BJ.WM6.ICS.Enable.cab file within the My Documents folder on your Samsung Code.  After you have installed this program, you will again need to reboot the phone by holding the end call button.

Once you have installed the secpolicies.cab and BJ.WM6.ICS.Enable.cab on your Samsung Code, navigate to the My Documents folder on your phone.  You will now find a program called Cert.cab located within the My Documents folder.  Simply run and install the Certs.cab program, then reboot you cell phone one more time.

After you cell phone powers back on, you will now find an application on your cell phone called Internet Sharing.  All you have to do now when you want to use the internet connection from your Samsung Code to your pc is plug in the usb cable from your phone to the pc.  Then click on the Internet Sharing application and click on the connect button.  If you happen to have a Bluetooth device on your laptop or netbook, open up the Internet Sharing application and change the PC Connection from USB to Bluetooth PAN.