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Western Digital My Book Network Hard Drive

In this post I am going to show you how to setup a Western Digital My Book World Edition network hard drive.  The Western Digital My Book network hard drive is a cost effective solution if you need to be able to backup multiple computers on a local area network or you want to be able to store and share files with other pc’s on a network.  The Western Digital network hard drive also includes Twonky media server, which will allow you to stream videos, music and pictures too many different media devices on your local area network.

In this tutorial I will be using Windows 7 operating system, but you should be able to following these same directions if you happen to be using Windows Xp or Vista.  If you have any problem locating the ip address of you Western Digital My Book, install the WD Discovery program.  So to begin this tutorial on setting up your Western Digital My Book World Edition, you will of course need to connect the hard drive with an ethernet cable to a router, switch or hub; then plug the power cable in.  Once the hard drive boots up, go to:

  • Start
  • Network
  • Locate MyWorldBook under the Storage Tab
  • Right Click MyWorldBook and click install

After you have installed the software for your Western Digital hard drive, you will then need to right click on the MyWorldBook icon, but this time select View Device Webpage.  Once you have selected View Device Webpage you will be greeted with the Western Digital setup wizard screen.

Once the Western Digital Setup Wizard screen loads up, simply accept the agreement.  After you have accepted the terms for your hard drive, you will then be able to name your device if you feel that you need to.  Also make sure that you set the correct time zone for your hard drive, since computers rely heavily on clocking.

After you have set the time zone for your Western Digital My Book, you will then be asked to change the admin password for you device.  For security purposes, you will definitely want to change this password.  The default login for you Western Digital My World book is “admin” for the user name and “admin” for the password.  Just think about it, if you had some nudity pictures of yourself or financial documents stored on the hard drive and someone hacked your wireless router.  You would be in some serious trouble, so please always change the default password.

Once you have changed the default password for the hard drive, you will then be asked if you want to use dhcp for your ip address or if you want to set a static ip address.  For novice users I recommend using dhcp, but I use a static ip address since I am constantly using ftp to upload and download files to my hard drive.  I really don’t like trying to find out what my ip address is for my network storage every time I use it, so that is why I set a static ip address in the first place.

After you have made you selection on what type of ip address to use, the device will be all setup to use.  The Western Digital hard drive may reboot to finish up the configuration, but other than that you are all set.


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