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Boost Wireless Adapter Signal

Are you looking for a cheap way to boost your wifi signal or help find more wireless access points with your pc? A simple way to boost your wireless signal is by mounting a wireless adapter to the focal point of a satellite dish. The best way to the find the focal point is by putting the wireless adapter on the dish and moving it around slowing, until you find the highest signal focused onto a single wireless access point.

Wireless Adapter Satellite Dish

Dish Network Wireless Adapter

Another great way to boost your wifi signal is by putting your wireless adapter into a soup can. This type of rigged contraption will transform your wireless adapter into a great directional wireless adapter. I was able to more than double the amount wifi networks that I discovered around my apartment.


2 Responses to Boost Wireless Adapter Signal

  • I found someones charter dish and i am using it in this manner :) thanks for the idea. great!!

  • I’m building one right now, you will get a major gain if you put the adapter at the end of the pole where the LNB used to be.

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