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Linksys WRT54GS 7.2 DD-WRT Mod

In this guide I will show you how to mod your Linksys wrt54gs ver. 7.2 router. This will enable you to be able to use the DD-WRT firmware, which will allow many other functions for your router.  In essence this will turn a cheap router, into a very expensive router.

This hacked router will contain many advanced features that only expensive routers such as Cisco may carry. Some of these features include dnsmasq, vpn, radius and many other great features.  Even if you have no need for all these features, the average user will benefit since the dd-wrt firmware will also increase your wifi signal. To begin the installation of the dd-wrt firmware, you will first need to download a few programs:

Linksys WRT54GS 7.2 Router

After you have downloaded the programs above, you now need to set static ip on your address. By default on your Linksys wrt54gs router your default gateway will be Learn how to set a static ip address on windows based pc. As you can see in the window below from the ipconfig command I ran, you will see that I have set my ip address to

Cmd Ipconfig

After you have set a static ip address, open a web browser and type in your default gateway address for you Linksys router, this should be  Once the router’s gui open up, login using the username: admin and password: admin. As soon as you log into your router configuration screen, click on the firmware upgrades window.  Once you are inside the firmware upgrade window, upload the vxworkskillerGSv7-v3.bin file.

After you have uploaded the vxworkskillerGSv7-v3.bin file your router should automatically reboot. After the router reboots, open up the Tftp program and upload the dd-wrt.v24-micro_generic.bin file, as seen below.  This upload could take up to ten minutes for the file upload successfully.

Brothersoft Tftp Client

After waiting about 5 - 10 minutes, you can go ahead a try login into your Linksys router, which is now using the dd-wrt firmware.  If you ever want to revert back to the stock firmware that your Linksys wrt54gs router was supplied with, upload the vxworksrevert-GSv7-v3.bin file.  For more information on the DD-WRT firmware, you won’t be disappointed!

DD-WRT Linksys WRT54GS


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