Linksys Ip Address

In order to setup your Linksys router, you will first need to know what your Linksys ip address.  If your Linksys router is brand new then your Linksys router address will be  Sometimes you may have to set your Linksys router address to another addressing scheme, due to your modem may be using the same ip address range.

To find out what your current default Linksys router address is simply open up the Command Prompt program by clicking on:

  1. Start
  2. All Programs
  3. Accessories
  4. Command Prompt

Now that you have the Command Prompt open, type in ipconfig.

As you can see my default gateway is for my Linksys router.  Once you have found your default ip address for your router, which in our case is  Simply open a web browser and type this ip address in URL bar.  Once the default gateway screen opens for your Linksys router, you will be able to make changes to allow the router to work with your previous network equipment.

Linksys Router Ip Address Setup

  1. Connect PC directly to broadband modem/router provided by your isp
  2. Open Command Prompt and type ipconfig
  3. Write down current Default gateway and Subnet Mask
  4. Disconnect Pc from the modem / router
  5. Connect Pc to your Linksys router
  6. Open Command Prompt and type ipconfig
  7. Open web browser and type in default gateway from the command prompt program
  8. Configure Linksys Router (See Ip Address Schemes below)
  9. Connect the Modem / Router from Isp into the internet port on your Linksys router
  10. You may have to unplug the Linksys router from the electrical to reset the router to acquire the correct ip addresses

Linksys Router Ip Address Schemes

More often than not, you should be able to plug your Linksys router into your ISP mode / router and your Internet and LAN will automatically work.  But sometimes your ISP will be using the same network scheme that the Linksys router is using.  So the easiest thing that you can do to make the network work is to change the default Linksys router address.

Once the Linksys Basic setup page opens, change the linksys ip address to something other than  Usually you can the ip address on the Linksys router to and your network will start working.  After you have change the ip address on the Linksys router, click the save button. Most 3rd party routers such as Belkin, 2wire and Netgear tend to use either or as the default gateway and as the subnet mask.