Install Webmin on Mandriva Linux


This tutorial will show you how to install webmin on Mandriva Linux, which is a user friendly server configuration program with a GUI. That will allow you to administer many different types of servers, such as ftp, apache, dhcp, mysql and many other types of servers.  In this tutorial I will be using Mandriva 2008.1 i586 power pack distro, but this tutorial should work with previous Mandriva releases and other linux distros using urpmi package management.

For other releases of linux please refer to install Webmin for further information. Before we install webmin on our linux server, we must first configure Mandriva media sources for the latest version and updates for Mandriva linux. To configure Mandriva  linux for updates first click on:

  1. Menu Button
  2. Tools
  3. System Tools
  4. Configure your Computer
  5. Login as Root
  6. Configure media sources install and updates

After you have added online media sources, you are going to want to remove the cd-rom sources from the media source list. The reason you are going to want to remove cd-rom media sources, since this will allow you to be able to remotely update your server. After you uncheck the cd-rom media sources, your media source list should resemble the image below.

Mandriva Linux Configure Media Updates

Install Webmin using Mandriva linux software management

To install Webmin using the software management program provided by Mandriva, first open the program by going to:

  1. Menu
  2. Tools
  3. System Tools
  4. Configure your Computer
  5. Install & Remove Software
  6. Now make the first two drop down box read all and type in webmin into the search bar
  7. Check the webmin file, then press apply.

Install Webmin Mandriva Linux

Install Webmin from  shell or terminal

  1. Open a terminal or shell prompt
  2. Type: su
  3. Type: Root password
  4. Type: urpmi webmin
  5. Select “yes” to install any dependencies.

Webmin Konsole Mandriva Linux

After you have installed the program, you now need to start the program. To start webmin in Mandriva, open a terminal and login in as su. Then type in “webmin start”.

Mandriva Webmin Start

After you have started webmin, you can now start using webmin by opening a web browser and typing in one of the following:

  1. https://ipaddress:10000 (<– You can find your ip address by opening a terminal as root and typing “ifconfig” should be under inet addr. Use this option if you are administering your server remotely.)
  2. https://localhost:10000 (<– Use this option if you are administering your server locally.)

After you have located your webmin program, all you have to do now is accept the certificate.

Mandriva Webmin Accept Certificate

To log into your new system, type root for the user name and then type your root password for the password.

Install Webmin Mandriva Linux

That is it, you are all set. I recommend updating webmin by selecting Webmin Configurations, and then go to webmin updates.\

Install Webmin Mandriva Linux

Install Webmin

Mandriva – Install Webmin RPM

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  • Elinor Sturgell says:

    Mandriva detects all the hardware including my Linksys Wireless PCI adapter but after I get done setting up wifi configuration it says ” Congratulations, the network and internet configuration is finished. After this is done, we recommend that you restart your X environment to avoid any host name-related problems.” How do I restart the X environment?

    Compaq Presario Pentium 4
    Cable Internet with Linksys access point

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