Dual Boot Ubuntu and Vista Netbook


Dual booting Ubuntu linux and Windows Vista on a Gateway Lt3114u network can be done pretty easily and within an hour.  In this guide I will teach you how to dual boot Ubuntu linux and Windows Vista on a Gateway LT3114u netbook. The items you will need to dual boot Ubuntu and Vista:

In order to dual boot Ubuntu linux on your Gateway netbook, you must already have Ubuntu installed on another desktop/laptop or you can use a free program called UNetbootin for Windows based pc. In order to create the Ubuntu usb install disk the first thing that you are going to want to do is begin downloading the Ubuntu Server 64 bit edition to your other computer that is currently running Ubuntu Desktop. Now you may be wondering why I am having you download the server edition, instead of the desktop edition.

The reason is that I had problems with the desktop edition when I tried to install it on the netbook, but if you install the server edition then run tasksel to complete the desktop install, you will have no problems. After the Ubuntu Server .iso is done downloading, go to the USB startup disk creator located under System -> Administration, and insert the usb flash drive and load the iso image to create your ubuntu usb install disk.

After you have created the Ubuntu usb install disk, insert it into your Gateway Netbook and power on the pc. Press the F2 key to change the boot order, you will want to set the usb drive to be the first booted drive. After the Ubuntu install disk boots up, all you will have to do is install the base system. Once you have installed the base system on the netbook, you are going to want to set a root password.

sudo passwd root

Type Password

Enter super user mode:


Then run tasksel:


After the window opens, check the box next to Ubuntu Desktop and then uncheck all the server options if any are selected. After you have made your selections, select the Ok button and let installation begin. After tasksel is complete with the installation, you should then reboot your computer. After you computer reboots, you will now have a working Ubuntu desktop edition running on your Gateway netbook. All you have to do now is remove the Ubuntu server kernel and replace it with the Ubuntu desktop kernel. This can be done by searching for linux-image under the Synaptic package manager.

2 Responses to Dual Boot Ubuntu and Vista Netbook

  • Margery Degarmo says:

    ok, i have probably the biggest problem EVER on my hands right now. i have a netbook (acer aspire one 751h) which comes preloaded with windows vista. it has crashed before, but it was easy to restore it and thankfully it didn’t have much information on it at the time.

    however, now it has crashed again, beyond my knowledge of repair. i had tried to install ubuntu on the computer earlier, and i dual-boot it using grub loader. however, i really didn’t like ubuntu and never really used it. now, i tried restoring vista and it simply won’t boot. ubuntu boots fine, but i can’t use ubuntu except to ask this question.

    bottom line is, does anybody know of a way to uninstall ubuntu and grub, and restore the factory partitions, without using windows (for obvious reasons)? i can’t figure it out an i really do need this computer for school.

    oh and i have no idea why it crashed. all i know is that i ws using it like normal (listening to itunes and checking my e-mail) when all of a sudden itunes started skipping and the computer just froze. normally it would unfreeze but this time it didn’t. i turned it off, then back on and it went through a crazy huge list of things after booting, then to windows, where the only thing on my desktop was the recycle bin. most of my other work had been deleted off the hard drive.

    thanks to whoever can help me with this, if anyone!
    my computer is a netbook, so it did not come with any DVDs or software, other than what was already installed on it.

  • Louisa Ellman says:

    I need some Linux help. So i’ve never used linux before, but i want to buy a cheap notebook and put ubuntu on it. how easy is this for a first timer?
    im good with pc and mac just new to linux.

    also which notebook would u reccomend? does it make a diff. or is HP/Toshiba/Dell/etc. all the same when it comes to linux?

    Thanks for the help.
    Also what is better, Atom or Celeron?

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