Configure Wireless Adapter with Ndiswrapper


Have you searched all over the internet looking for a way to allow you to use your wireless network card with your pc, well lucky for you there is a program called ndiswrapper. Ndiswrapper is a program that will allow you to use a Windows driver for your wireless device under linux. I can’t promise you that all wireless adapters will be supported with your linux distro, so if you’re about to buy a new wireless card, please check the list of known wifi cards to work below.

Install Ndiswrapper Mandriva

The first thing that you are going to want to do to get your wireless network card to work on your Mandriva linux distro is to download a windows driver from the list of cards supported. If you can’t find a driver that is in the list, you can also try searching at the manufacturing web site, yahoo or Google. If you are searching at a search engine try typing in the model number of the wireless card + driver, for example “F5D9050 driver”.

For the best results, try using a windows Xp driver for your wireless device. For my example I am using a Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO ver. 3001, with a model number of F5D9050. After you have downloaded the driver for you wireless adapter, you might need to extract or unzip the file. What you will be looking for is a file with the extensions of .INF. More than likely your file will end with the file extensions of .EXE, so this means you must extract this file somehow. In my example I have unzipped my driver to /home/administrator/Drivers. To extract a file named setup.exe, open a terminal and log in as su, then type:

cabextract setup.exe
unzip setup.exe

After you have unzipped your windows driver install program, you now need to associate this windows driver with your wireless device. To configure your wireless device for Ndiswrapper in Mandriva linux go to:

  1. Menu Button
  2. Tools
  3. System Tools
  4. Configure your Computer
  5. Then click the Network and Internet tab on the left
  6. Finally click set up a new network interface (LAN, ISDN, ADSL, …)

Ndiswrapper Mandriva Network Interface

First click on wireless. Choose the selection for a windows driver with ndiswrapper. Now select the .inf file that you extracted or unzipped earlier and select ok. If everything has gone ok so far, then you should have a screen that resembles the one below. All you have to do now is select the wireless network that you are trying to connect to and type in your security key for your wireless router. For security reasons always use some sort of security key on your wireless router(s), I recommend WPA2, but WPA will work. WEP keys are really weak and can be broken within minutes, with the right software.

Ndiswrapper Download

Ndiswrapper 1.58

Ndiswrapper Download


5 Responses to Configure Wireless Adapter with Ndiswrapper

  • Malinda Shurtliff says:

    I have an Ubuntu Linux system and I’m looking for a USB 802.11g adapter that won’t be a complete nightmare to set up. I’m very Linux-savvy, but have better things to do with my time than waste hours finding the right combination of driver and ndiswrapper, etc. I want something that will work easily and well.
    Answering my own question:

  • Abbey Spencer says:


    I am having trouble configuring the WPN111 usb adapter with ubuntu.i have these three files .sys .inf and .bin file on my Documents Folder. i open ndiswrapper and install ONLY the .inf files and it detects my router and can go on the internet.

    But heres the Problem…
    everytime i turn off my computer and turn it back on i have to Unplug the wireless usb adapter and then unistall the driver, plug the Adapter back again and install the Driver again so it detects Wifi.

    what folder i have to save these three files so i dont have to Unplug and Plug back in the wireless Adapeter and unistall and intall the driver everytime i turn the computer on?

    do i have to install all three files .sys .inf and .bin instead of only installing the .inf file?

    this is what i found on my research:
    .sys .inf and .bin file. All these need to be in a directory on your harddrive.

    but how do i go to the Directory on my Harddrive?

    im new using Ubuntu

    If anyone could aid in the setup and installation of this device it would be greatly appreciated…

  • Cecilia Osburn says:

    My laptop’s wired NIC is defective. All I can use is my PCMCIA slot where I will install a Linksys wireless-g notebook adapter; however, ndiswrapper isn’t installed by default. I’ve tried compiling it from source what with the ./configure, make, and make install commands, but it always errors out. No doubt from software dependencies. How can I find out what these dependencies are and resolve them?

  • Maggie Saucier says:

    I recently installed Ubuntu on my HP Compaq C542EA laptop but the in built wireless capabilities do not work. Does anyone know where I can find drivers to fix the problem (I can’t get Linux drivers from HP directly).


  • Melisa Klenke says:

    I’ve got a USRobotics 802.11g Wireless PCI Turbo Adapter installed in my PC and I dual-boot with XP Home and OpenSuSE 10.1 (installed on different hard drives!). How do I get the PCI card to work with OpenSuSE?
    I’ve tried using NDISWrapper but the .tar.gz file I downloaded doesn’t seem to want to unpack itself within OpenSuSE. I’m unpacking it without using any third-party unpacking tools.

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