Best Linux Distro

Many people trying out linux for the first time keep asking what the best linux distro os to use. To answer this question, there really is no such thing as the best linux distro. When it all comes down to it, linux is linux!  The only major thing that changes among the different linux distros is how you install programs and the amount of programs that distro offers.

A more specific question to ask however, when it comes to choosing what you believe to be the best  linux distro is what is the linux distro going to be used for. For example you might be setting up a server, or possibly a security auditor, or more likely you are setting up a windows desktop replacement.

You are going to find many mixed opinion when it comes to what people think the best version of linux is. The best way to find a good version of linux is try out a linux live cd, which will allow you try a version of linux without installing the os. Another good way to try linux without install is by install linux onto a flash drive, then reboot and boot from usb.

My Opinion of the Best Linux Distro

What I am going to offer is my opinion, and my opinion only on what I think is the best linux distro. When it comes to a desktop replacement I choose Mandriva, for the main reason that it is really easy to use, especially if you never have had experience with linux before. Another reason I choose Mandriva linux is because it has a wide variety of drivers that will support hardware on your computer.

The Next Best Linux Distro

The next best linux distro for desktop replacement in my opinion is Ubuntu. Now if I was choosing an operating system to use in making a server, then I would choose Unix, but if I was using  linux I would probably choose a form of red hat linux, such as fedora or centos. Ubuntu server edition is also another good version of  linux to use for a server distro.

In conclusion when it comes to choosing a version of  linux, the only thing that I can recommend it test, test and test. Sooner or later you will find a version of  linux that you will be comfortable with.