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At&t 2wire Router Port Forward

There are many reasons that you might want to port forward or open a port up on your 2wire router. Some of these reasons your might open a port is because you are running certain specialized software application on your pc, such as Utorrent, a http server, ftp, etc.

In my example I will focus on a few programs that require a specialized port to be open, in order for the application to run well. The first that you are going to want to do is open a web browser and locate the default gateway screen for you 2wire router. You can usually locate the default gateway screen at ip, but if you for some reason have changed your router’s default gateway, then use that ip address to access the port forward screen.

2wire Default Ip Address to Access Port Forward

If you have forgotten what your default gateway ip address is, then open command prompt and type in “ipconfig”, then look for the ip that is next to Default Gateway. If you are using linux, then open a terminal window as root or su, then type in ifconfig, and then look for gateway. After you have accessed the 2wire default gateway screen you should have a window that appears similar to the one below.

2wire Gateway Port Forward

Once you have accessed your default gateway screen for your router, you will then want to click on the firewall tab at the top of the screen. After the firewall summary screen opens, you will then click on the firewall settings tabs to begin setting up an open port on your 2wire dsl router.

2wire Firewall

Once the firewall setting screen opens you can then add an open port to your specific pc. Under step 2 you will see a list of predefined applications that have already been created for certain video games, servers and telephony (VoIP) services. Since in my example we are opening a port for Utorrent, we are going to manually configure port forwarding for one of my pc’s. To be opening a port for Utorrent, click on “add new user-defined application” you can find the link just below the list on the left side of the screen.

2wire Edit Firewall Settings - Port Forward

Once you click on add new user-defined application, you should have a window that resembles the one below. Within this window you should now be able to enter a name for the application that you are opening a port for. Underneath the application name, you know have the choice of either tcp or udp, and then you would enter a port number or a port range that you want to open up.

2wire Add User Definition - Port Forward

Secure Port Forward for Utorrent on 2wire Router

For security reasons, you should only open one port, unless the application specifies otherwise. The more ports that you have open on you router, the more doorways you open for hackers and viruses to enter your home network. Since we are opening a port for Utorrent, you are going to want to click on the tcp box and then enter the port number that Utorrent gives you, in my example I am opening up port number 51225. After you have entered you port number, click the add definition button. Once you have added the definition, you are going to then click on the back button.

2wire Open Tcp Port  Port Forward

After you have clicked the back button, you should now be at the edit firewall settings screen. All you have to do now is select your computer from the list that is listed After you have selected the computer that Utorrent will be hosted on, all you have to do is find the recently created user defined definition from the list under number 2. After you have located the Utorrent port forward application simply click on the add button, which should assign the Utorrent port forwarding application to your computer. After you have completed the above steps, you should be all set; now your Utorrent program should download and upload at a faster speed.

2wire Open Port Utorrent

Port Forward Check

Port Forward Check


28 Responses to At&t 2wire Router Port Forward

  • Great post . very informative . thank you .
    I am trying to open a http port . Can you please tell me how to do this on a 2wire .
    I am basically hosting my own website on a apache running on my laptop .


    • Type in into your browser. Then click on the home network tab at the top of the screen. Find your laptop in the list that you are hosting apache on, then click on “Edit Firewall Settings”. Once the firewall settings page opens up, look through the list on the left and look for “Web Server”, then click add and finally click the done button. You should now be able to access the server by typing in the ip address of your laptop on the local network side or the internet address that is located under the Broadband Link tab. The problem is that your internet address is dynamic and may change on you every now and again so you are going to want a static ip address that is provided by your isp. Also you are going to need a domain name and a dns server to convert your domain name into the ip address on your laptop. Your better off using Godaddy or some other hosting service and paying the $60 a year.

  • Please i am really begging if you could explain to me how to set up my Foscam FI8918W (Black) Wireless IP Camera on an At&t 2wire Router so i can be able to see it on the internet from any computer.The configuration of this routere is very confusing.please i will appreciate if u use the layman’s jargon because i am still a newbie

    • You will need to open a port for the local ip address that the camera runs on. You will then need to find the ip address for your dsl account. You can configure the router by typing info your browser. So figure out your local ip address that the camera is on then open a port for that ip address. Then find your dsl account ip address. So if your dsl account ip is and the camera runs on port number 34567. You would type to access the camera away from home. Im just guessing here, your camera should have better directions on setting this up.

  • Any luck with getting the Foscam FI8918W? I can see it from the internet.

  • “You will need to open a port for the local ip address that the camera runs on” how do you open a port on this 3801HGV router. i do know what my ip address is but during the confuguration of the router at the space where it says port number from this figure to that figure i just do not know what to fill in there.for that reason even if i allow the camera and applications to pass thru the fire wall since port number is wrong i still cannot see it. what port number should i use or how do u find out the port that is open
    thank you very much

  • this reouter is kind of differrent from the onse i see here so i am totally confused

  • I need to set up a minecraft server. I am confused. Please help. :D

  • I am making a minecraft server, and i have got through the all the port fowarding but the 25565 is closed. please help!

  • I am trying to make a minecraft server and i cant seem to be able to do it. Please help

  • I’m just trying to set up a connection between my PC or laptop at home and my aunt’s PC at her place. We each have our own routers, although she has this 2WIRE brand, whereas mine is a NETGEAR. I assume I’d follow the same instructions as those that were laid out above for the person with the IP camera; is this correct? I know my router’s remote-administration IP address, but how do I figure out what port my computer is using to connect to hers? Should I just make something up?

  • I have portfowareded my router to let people come in to my CS 1.6 Game Dedicated Server. I have disabled both my windows firewall and BitDefender Firewall but still the Port Check Tool’s says there closed! Please help :( I’ve looked everywhere!

    • Is there a certain port that has to be open on your server in order for people to use your game server. The port could be open at the router but not on the server.

  • How do you open a port? Everyone gives the same advice but the port is not open. Is there a magic switch or something? There are no errors when I open a port, but it just is not open.

    • If the port shows open on the router, then it is open. Make sure that the port is also opened up on your firewall on your computer.

      • How do you check to see if a port is open? I purchased a Sling adapter, and have been trying to get it to power up. Was told that it needs access to three different ports. Not sure how to tell.

        • Type into a web browser on your computer. Click on the firewall tab at the top of the screen. Then click on edit firewall settings. You will then need to find the sling adapter in the list or the ip address associated with the sling adapter. Once you have selected the right device, you can now open the ports you need by click on add a new user-defined application. Just type in the port number you need and select tcp as the protocol.

  • I am trying to open my Uverse 2-wire so my Onkyo Android devise can communicate with my audio receiver. On the network tab of the receiver it shows DHCP is enabled and has a Control Port of 60128. With that information, do I select tcp or udp? Also…Is 60128 the correct port value to enter?

  • Does the hosting PC have to stay on and on the home network for the port forwarding on the network router to work?

  • how do i change the public ip on the firewall exceptions that i made to forward ports from my xbox 360?

  • my att 2wire 2701hg-b is hosting u torrent, I open up ports, but u torrent the program I guess does not see it. what am I doing wrong when I run utorrent set up guide sometimes green check for bandwidth alltimes yellow check for network.

  • please help me with team veiwer

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