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2wire Static Ip Address

Do you want to learn how to configure a 2wire static ip address for your 2wire dsl gateway? Have you just purchased a business dsl plan from At&t, which includes 5 static ip addresses and would like to learn how to set them up to avoid paying a $200 charge? The first thing that you are going to want to do is find out what your 2wire ip address is.

2wire Static Ip Address

The easiest way to find your default gateway ip is to go to the cmd prompt and type in “ipconfig”. You can find the command prompt by going to the start button -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command prompt. After the command prompt window opens, this is where you will type in ipconfig. (See Example Below) Once you type in “ipconfig” you should see some results, this is where you will find what your 2wire ip address.  For example is my default 2wire gateway.

The next thing you have to do is type your default 2wire ip address into a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. After you type your default 2wire ip address into your web browser, you should get a screen that looks like the one below.  Once you have opened the configuration screen on your 2wire dsl router, you are going to want to click on the broadband link tab The broadband link tab is located near the top of the screen.

2wire Static ip address

Once you have accessed the broadband link tab, you are going to then click on Advanced setting located within the broadband link tab. Within the advanced setting window, you are going to change your username slightly. What you are going to want to doing is change to Then click the save button.

After a few minutes your router should be done configuring itself from its normal dynamic ip to a static ip. What you are going to want to do now is configure your router, so you can assign different static ip addresses to your different network devices. The first thing you are going to do is click on the Home Network tab, located at the top of the screen of or 2wire Homeportal.

You are going to then click on the Advanced Setting tab located within the Home Network tab. Once you are on the advanced setting page, locate the Bridge Network setting and click enable. For the subnet mask I used After you click save, you are then going to want to click on Edit Address Allocation tab.  Within the edit address allocation settings page you are able to assign different 2wire static ip address to your different servers, pc and other networked devices.

Once you click save on the edit address allocation tab, you are going to now have to configure each device to receive a static ip address. On a windows based pc, simply go into the command prompt window and type in “ipconfig /release” then type in “ipconfig /renew”. If you are using Vista, you are going to have to run command prompt as administrator. Are you looking for more information on setting up your 2wire router?

2wire Static Ip Setting

How to Configure a 2wire Static Ip

How to Configure a 2wire Static Ip


7 Responses to 2wire Static Ip Address

  • This is a great tutorial!
    question; what if you don’t have a business account with att? would it be possible to configure a static, routable address in, say an access server, or any server for that matter?

    I’m trying to set up a cisco lab at home, but want to have access to it via the web -for when I’m away from home.
    thank you


  • I haven’t gone through the steps yet but from what I got copied here I got alot of confidence. First time I hooked up my Vizio Apps TV (has intern.capabilities)I hooked it to my Dish rec. and to called att/dsl my 2wire provider. They hooked up my wireless with no charge. Last week I replaced the broke receiver, now att wants to charge at least $129 to hook it up. I told em I would either just run my ethernet wire or find someone on the internet to help and here you are. I appreciate your taking time to help some of us.

  • I am trying to set up an AS400 on my AT&T router based network at home. I am using the same router I believe. It’s the 2 wire model. I have a static IP address assigned by AT&T. I can ping my router and external IP (static) address. However, I cannot get a 5250 telent session to work from my PC using MochaSoft.
    Any advice?

    Thanks, George

  • I set up a Telnet port for 23 and checked TCP and UDP and assigned it to my desktop for accessing an IBM i (AS400). Still didnt work.

    • The telnet port will need to opened on your as400, not the computer you are using to access the server. Also you will need make sure that the as400 has telnet installed or enabled. Many computer disable telnet by default due the many security flaws. Anything you type into a telnet session can by read as clear text and is not encrypted. I recommed using ssh instead of telnet. So make sure telnet is enabled on the as400. Set a local static ip address to the as400. Using your other pc on the local network, see if you can connect. If you get that to work. If that works then try using you public ip address to connect with a telnet session. I never used mochasoft so you want to make sure that it uses telnet and not ssh. You can also use your pc built in terminal. A windows pc you will need install and enable telnet. Then use the command prompt to connect. I dont use a mac, but it is a unix based os so it should already have its own built in terminal. You could also try a software program called putty. I hope this makes it a little bit more clear to yiu. Good luck

  • I am trying to assing one static ip to 3 computers it doesn’t allow me to change the settings on the subnet mask it gives me an “error occured” prompt. I noticed that one of the devices on the Home network is already setup with a static Ip even though the username is does not include “ and it has some default settings that cant be changed. This device is a DVR. Im confused.

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