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At&t 2Wire Router Install | at&t 2wire router

If you are reading this document, you probably are looking for on how to set up your new AT&T 2wire router. Throughout this document I will be using a 2wire 2700HG-B dsl router, but this tutorial will also apply to other routers that 2wire provides AT&T with.

The first thing that you must do in order to setup your 2wire dsl router is to plug in the dsl filters into your phone outlets. On one of the dsl filters, you should see a dual filter that reads Phone and DSL/HPNA, on the side that says DSL/HPNA plug a phone line into this port, and then run the other end of the phone line into the phone port on the back of the 2wire router. You will need to plug in the filters where you plan on having phones.  If you don’t plug in the dsl filter, your telephone will have static and a high pitch squeal.

Connect Ethernet Cable to At&t 2wire Router

After you have connected the phone line, plug the ethernet cable into port 1 of the At&t 2wire router, then connect the other end of the ethernet cable into your pc. Once you have made the connections between your pc and the dsl modem, and the modem and the dsl filter. You can then plug in the power adapter into the router, then plug the power adapter into the wall outlet.

Once the At&t 2wire router powers up, you should see a green light next to power, ethernet, and dsl. Once you see these lights turn green on your At&t 2wire router, the next that you need to do is open a web browser such as Internet Explorer. After you open your web browser, you should see a window that resembles the one below. Once you see this window, press the next button, which should then ask you to download the 2wire router setup tool.exe.

At&t 2wire Router Installer

Once you have installed the 2wire dsl setup tool, the 2wire gateway authentication screen should open, simply select the yes button.

At&t 2wire Router Authentication

After you have authenticated your 2wire router, you must set an administrative password for your router. I recommend setting a password with upper and lower case, with a few numbers for security reasons. This password will come in handy if you are trying to change settings on your Att 2wire router.  To access the 2wire router settings in the future to simply type into your web browser.

Set At&t 2wire Router Gateway Password

Register At&t 2wire Router

After you have set a password for your router, click the next button to begin registering your 2wire router with AT&T.

Att Registration Server

After you have registered your router, read through the agreement then click I Agree button.  After you have accepted the agreement with At&t SBC yahoo dsl, you will need to create a user name and password for your dsl account. To begin setting up your new user name and password enter you land line telephone number that you have received from AT&T.

Att Dsl Registration Member Identification

After you have created your new username and password, there will be another progress screen, then click the finish button.  After you have completed the about steps, close down your current browser and reboot your computer, this will resolve any network problems. After you pc reboots open your web browser and being surfing the internet with your AT&T 2wire router.

If you are interested in port forwarding on your 2wire router, you will need to type in the default At&t 2Wire router ip address.  What you will need to do is open a web browser and type in into the URL address bar  to access At&t 2Wire router. Once you have clicked the submit button and window resembling the one below should appear. The password that you created earlier for you 2wire router, will be the one you use here when changing setting on your 2wire dsl router.

2wire Gateway Summary

At&t 2wire Router Resources:

How to Set Up an At&t 2wire Router


110 Responses to At&t 2Wire Router Install | at&t 2wire router

  • How do I get the wireless light to come on?

  • Go ahead if you want to.

  • I set up the 2-wire two years ago and it recently died so I bought a new one. Do I have to go through the same set up again? Do I have to uninstall the old one?

    I am now using a laptop instead of a desktop. Do I have to plug the ethernet cable into the laptop?


    • You will have to set it up again, but all you should have to do is set your username and password into the router. The username and password is the one you originally setup when you first installed the router. You can enter the username and password by going typing into the address bar in a web browser. You need to have a ethernet cable plugged into port 1 on the router. Once the gateway screen open click on the Broadband link tab then on Advanced Settings. Type in your username and password and make sure the sure the connection type is set to PPPoe. If this doesn’t work, call At&t or you isp on how to set it up to their dsl service.

      • I had to replace my dish dvr receiver and found out I had to set up the wireless all over again. I did this with att about 2 or 3 years ago and they didn’t charge me. So this time they said everytime I get disconnected (replace receiver) I would have to re-configure it all over again for a small fee of $129.00!! What a rip off. I told them I know I can find someone willing to help for free and This sight did that. I appreciate the help because I would rather use the ethernet plug than pay them leeches again.

  • It needs to download 2wire_DSL_setup_tool.exe but it says Internet explorer cannot download it, and they did not send a disk, So im on another computer hoping to find the .exe and burn it to a cd and use it on other pc. Is there a way?

  • Yes I would like to know if you guys can HELP me out to get my AT&T 2 wire 2701HG-B gateway wireless router with DSL modem up running
    And also when I get the DSL modem from my brother law I think I did get the right software for this 2 wireless DSL modem 2701HG-B Gateway
    So I hope you guys can HELP me out ok

  • My 2Wire is all set up and running. However, I’d like to delete or remove a couple of the devices (computers) that are now inactive. How do I remove these inactive devices? There is no place in the web UI for removing devices.

    • You can’t really remove the devices, but there is a setting to disable viewing inactive devices. Go to the gateway screen (, then click on the Home network tab at the top of the screen. Once inside the home network tab, click on the advanced settings. At the bottom of the advanced settings screen you will see a option for Display Settings. Uncheck the box for “Show inactive devices in network list”. Hope this help you.


      • Thanks Dustin. I noticed that option for disabling the viewing of inactive devices, I tried that but it did not help my situation. The problem is that I have a computer on the home network and it is one of those inactive devices. That computer is unable to get IP address (gets 169.x.x.x). If I’m not able to remove the device I’d like to re-activate it. Currently the computer is a device on the home network that is unable to get on the internet due to inability to get IP address. So, if I cannot remove device I’d like to re-activate it. How do I do that? Thanks.

        • There has to be a reason why your computer is not getting a ip address. 169.x.x.x is the default for a pc that is not getting a ip address. I would need more information to solve this problem for you. You could reset the modem, by holding the reset button on the router for 10 – 30 seconds, but you need to know what your router username and password is. You could call At&t for this information but could be on the phone for a while. I don’t know if you have a prewired network or how you have the cabling installed.

          Try running a different ethernet cable from the router to the computer. What mean is disconnect the router and install it right next to the pc and use a different ethernet cable. You should be able to aquire a ip address from the router, but you won’t have any internet at that time. At least you would be able to determine if you have a bad cable, ethernet card or router. If you could please give me more info, I will gladly help you out.

  • I have 2wire from Bell, but I’m not with Bell, I’m with Acanac Inc. Bell done the Drive-loop for Acanac to serve me internet. However I am unable to by-pass the Bell Welcome Page. Please, is there anyway to do that?

  • I’ve encountered a recent problem. I am no longer using the 2wire setup, but now I cannot connect to the internet via anythin else. Although I can connect to the new router f wirelessly as well as direct LAN or even the modem itsel. Is there a way to uninstall anything that was involved with 2wire? or to disable those drivers to allow myself to connect to a new network connnection.

  • Francisco, the 2Wire 2700 and 2701 are just DSL PPP0E routers with wireless capabilities, all you need to do is configure it with your user name and password from what ever DSL ISP provider you have by going to the gateway screen ( and it should connect, I have AT&T and upgraded to U-Verse and with my extra 2700HG-B I had a friend with Verizon that I configured it for with no problem.

  • I have the 2wire gateway 2701hg-b through AT&T. I had no idea this was a wireless router. How can I add my laptop to this device (wirelessly)? My printer, as well?


    • I figured out how to get my laptop on the network….but don’t see an ADD button for new peripherals, so that I can add my laser printer. It’s an hplaserjet4300dtnsl. I’ll play around with this a little more. I just may figure it out…

  • I get the first installer page and it says click “next” to continue but there is no “next” option. Is there a seperate pop up box that has this?

  • I have a 2wire set up for my home netwoork fron AT&T DSL. It has an Ethernet connection to my PC and is connected to the phone. My question:
    The 2 wire has a USB plug-in. Can I hook a USB printer in this input. Or can I plug the printer into one of the Ethernet ports?

    • My guess is that the usb port is meant to be used for a direct connect to a pc. The usb connection is used to connect to your pc instead of a ethernet cable, pretty much accomplishing the same thing. If your printer allows for a ethernet connection, I would connect the printer that way.

  • I have an ATT 2 Wire Router. Have about 6 Mac’s on it. I just bought a MAC server that I ned to assign a Private IP – Internal Static IP Address. AFter 3 hours running around with AT&T I am confused as ever. Our next step is a 7 am call where I will have to order/buy a Private IP – Internal Static IP Address.

    Does this sound right?


    • A private ip is a ip address that is on your local network. So if you are trying to assign a private ip address for you mac server, the ip address would set manually on the mac server. Most at&t dsl accounts come with a dynamic ip address, which changes every now and again. If you are just trying to access the server while you are on the local network then you don’t need a static ip address from at&t. If you plan on buying a domain name or are trying to access the server while you are away from home, then you would consider getting a static ip address from at&t. I don’t use macs so I wouldn’t be able to explain on how to set a static ip address on your mac. But if you can find where you can assign a ip address for the network interface, try these settings.

      Ip Address : <— This can be any ip address you want, but needs to start with 192.168.1.WHATEVER ADDRESS
      net mask:

  • hi — one comment – I am always amazed when info forums state to go to this web site or another when the topic is how to set up your dsl to gain internet access — if I don’t have access all your websites do no one any good ..


    • Thanks for your feedback, but there are many ways to still access the internet when you don’t have the internet. The library, a cell phone or borrowing a neighbors computer and printing the directions will allow you to access the tutorial.

  • Just set up my new 2Wire Gateway modem. Can’t figure out how to connect my HP printer so I can print wirelessly. Don’t see that the gateway has a USB port. Does it?

    • There are no usb ports on any 2wire router or modems. If you want to print through wireless you need a wireless router, hopefully you have a 2wire gateway and not a 2wire modem. You can tell if you have a modem if there is only 1 ethernet port and 1 phone port. If you have a gateway, you will have 1 phone port and 4 ethernet jacks. Also your printer must support wireless printing or must have a ethernet jack on it, so you can connect it directly to a gateway / router. If your printer only has a usb jack on it, you can either connect it to another pc and share the printer with the rest of the computers in your house. Or you can buy a usb to ethernet adapter that will convert the usb on the printer to a ethernet jack, that you can then plug into your gateway / router. I hope this helps you out.

    • Also if you decide to use printer sharing by connecting it to another pc in you home. you must keep the computer powered on in order to use the printer.

  • I have AT&T DSL and that crappy Motorola modem is going bye-bye. My Dad just snagged a 2Wire 2701 HG from someone who just switched to Comcast. Thing is, he came home with just the modem and power cord (my Dad doesn’t ever mess with the stuff so he has no clue) and I’ve never added a new modem to existing service.

    My sister moved to a new house and ditched Comcast and had me setup their internet. After the tech came by the house, I installed the same router, but it was easier because I had instructions and I was setting up new internet service. So it was pretty much explanatory.

    This time, I’m wondering if I need the 2Wire network name and the 9-digit code on the back of the modem to be good or is there more?

    • The network name and password on the back of the gateway is for wireless. All you should need is your username and password from your dsl provider

  • I have had an ATT 2-wire working well for the past 3 years. Recently the computer connected directly to the router become infected with a virus and in spite of every effort I could’t get rid of it. So I decied to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. Eveything went well unitl I tried to reconnect to the internet. Internet Explorer doesn’t detect the DSL, but I have a laptop that still connects to the internet via wireless, so I know the router is still working properly.

    I simply don’t know how to get the directly linked computer working again. Please help.

    • Make sure that your internet explorer isn’t set to work offline. Or you don’t have a driver for your ethernet card.

  • Mother has a rental. She’s trying to get the 2wire set up, then not have a “host” computer in the house. She wants wireless only for vacation renters. Can I do this? Is there some way for me to set it up using her Vista machine and disconnect the machine and just have the 2wire there for wifi?

    • Yeah you can setup your router without a host computer. Just use the default wifi key located on the back of the router. It will be the 10 character key near the serial number. I recommend changing the encryption from the default wep to wpa2. Wep can get hacked within a few minutes.

  • This is perhaps the most useful post I have every read. If everyone followed this, there would be half as less disappointments.

  • My wife recently got a new laptop and a Iphone. how do I add them to my 2wire system? Thanks

    • Turn the wireless adapter. Find your 2wire router from the list. It should be the one with the strongest signal. Then type in your Wep password. You can find your network name and password on the back of the router.

  • Anyone know of a settting that will keep my vip722k dish receiver connected to my LAN all the time. The 2wire 2701hg seems to show it as disabled most of the time. If i change the ethernet plug-in at the modem it will reassign an ip and then later it is gone.

  • I have recently bought a 2wire AT&T wireless modem, and I have a regular dsl modem that I want to dosconnect and switch to my wireless modem. And I am in need of help. Also I would like to know how to switch from WEP to WPA so others can’t hack into it. I would really appreciate the help.

    • You should be able to use this post to setup your dsl account on the 2wire gateway. To change the encryption from wep to wpa, type into your browser. Click on the Home Network tab, then click on the Wireless Settings link. You should be able to change from wep to wpa under the Wireless Network Security.

  • i accidently disconnected my router today and now the wireless doesnt work what do i do??

    • It should automatically start working after it powers on. You may have to link your pc back to your router. Go to your pc and find your router and reconnect. Then type in your security key.

  • About 8 months ago, I signed up for phone and internet service with AT&T. Then I had to move away and break my contract. So now, I am stuck with their 2wire modem/router which I could use if I knew how to connect it to my Windstream cable box (modem?). Can you help me? Neither company is willing to offer any assistance.

  • I bought a wireless router. Att sent someone out to hookuup my dsl to a homegroup…not 30 ft apart….My Apple Mac was working fine until Att killed it. Tech tried to transfer my programs to a PC laptop which does not work….Now the Mac a blue screen but nothing…info in the Mac irreplaceable…Is there anyway I can access that info? Or make them fix what they screwed up ?

    • You can pull out the hard drive and put it into another mac. Then pull the info off the hard drive. It sould like the monitor is not plugged into the computer, so check to make sure the cable connections are tight. If that dont work, file a damage claim with att.

  • can’t download 2wire dsl setup tool.exe when I hit the next button to get started it says server can’t be found can you please help with this because I’ve tried everything

    • The server could be down temporary. Push and hold the reset button on your router for 10 seconds. Reboot your computer and try again.

  • I am trying to connect a wireless printer and it asks for my router password….which I don’t remember! Is there any way to retrieve (or reset) this without being charged by 2 wire? Thanks so much!

    • It should be located on your 2wire router. Look for a 10 digit number. If you changed it you can hold the reset button for 10 to 30 seconds to reset the gateway back to it defaults. You have to type your dsl account usernsme and password. This is usually the email account your dsl provider gave you.

  • I currently have an AT&T 2 wire router. I have had problems with it since I got it (AT&T service that is) and have had AT&T out here multiple times, each time they give me a new router but it still doesn’t help. My problem is the router is in my bedroom and I’m connected via wireless in my living room and have problems with the connection for some reason. Even my iTouch has a problem with the signal it is receiving and gives me a message telling me it cannot connect to the internet. I have thought about getting another wireless router to maybe help boost the signal but will that really work? Otherwise I can’t think of a reason why I can’t receive a clear signal thru 1 wall. What can I do?

    • I doubt you have a bad router if it has been changed multiple times. You could have interference in your home. If you have a cordless phone that runs at the 2.4ghz, it could interfere with the signal. Microwaves can also cause interference when turned on. More then likely you have alumium vents for your heating and air conditioning inside that wall. Also glass furmiture can block the signal. I have also seen chimneys block the signal before. I know it sounds like a load of crap but there got be something vlocking the signal. So if there a cordless phone next to your router, unplug it and see if you can connect. Look for heating and cooling vents. You can also take a radio and put it on the am band. The put it on a channel with where there is no radio stafion. Then move it near the wall and any electronics on that wall and listen for interference. The radio will make different sound if it finds interference. If you still cannot figure it out run a cat5 cable through the wall and install a another router or repeater.

  • I’ve had mine set up for about 2 years. I installed openDNS about 6 months ago to play around with and track the browsing history and set up a firewall for safe browsing on our network. We usually have 1 computer connected with the ethernet cable and a couple more devices connected via wireless. The internet is working fine through the ethernet connection, however as soon as another device connects via wireless, the router shuts down and restarts. The devices will then work for about 5 seconds after the router reboots, then it will restart again and it will just keep doing this cycle. I think I have openDNS completely uninstalled, but I may have missed something. I don’t know if I messed up a setting on my Windows 7 laptop or on the router. Please help with some ideas on things to check.


    • Sounds liike your router is messed up, if it has been working for years.Check for the lastest firmware for your router. Then do a reboot on your router by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds with power plugged in. Then unplug the power still holding reset button for 20 seconds.

  • Hi,
    I just used my laptop to setup the 2wire modem with an AT&T internet connection. I had connected the laptop to the modem through an ethernet cable. The setup went smoothly (thanks for the guide btw!) and I was able to connect to the internet from the main pc. Also, I was able to connect other devices wirelessly to the network. Now, I disconnected the ethernet cable from the laptop and tried to connect it wirelessly as well. And now this laptop refuses to connect to the internet and shows limited connectivity to the wireless network.. The other devices work fine with the network. And this laptop still connects with the ethernet cable.
    Any suggestions?

    • Your laptop is more then likely still holding the ip address from the ethernet connection. I would reboot your laptop and then try connecting using wireless only.

  • That was the first thing I tried. No luck. :-(
    Anything else?

  • What does it mean if all the sudden all your lights go out on the modem, then the only one to come back on is a red light next to “power”? My son’s laptop was on at the time it happen, so I also had a green light beside “wireless”, but it took us down & off the internet. Does that mean the modem’s gone bad, or should AT&T be able to bring it back up? I’m trying to find out before I go home & get on the phone forever. Any advice is appreciated!

    • Sounds like the gateway rebooted itself. It should automatically start working after it reboots. At&t techs could be in the area doing maintenance.

  • My iPhone 4 keeps disconnecting from my wifi. I thought it was the router so I had AT&T replace the router but still having the same problem. My phone shows it is connected but has no Internet access. It must be a setting on the router. Can you please help?

  • My phone works fine on any other router it’s just my router for some reason it will connect and work for awhile, but as soon as I stop using connection for longer than like a minute it won’t connect and I have turn off my wifi then turn it back on then it will connect again the whole time always showing that it’s connected to my router. I never had this problem with my belkin router before I got my uverse. I was thinking that maybe I could change a setting in my router so that the connection always stays there? Thank you

    • As far as i know there is no setting that needs to be changed. There could be a software flaw with your 2wire router, that will fix itself with a update from at&t. I have had certain devices not work with 2wire routers in the past. You could always plug another type of router into your 2wire and use it that way.

  • My wireless network show a wireless computer or device is active that is not in my home, I don’t know where it is actually. Is a neigbor using ny internet? How can I kick it off the network without disabling all wireless?
    Thank you!

  • Hello, I need help. I had AT&T for 3 years in California and I have their 2wire 2701 router from them. I moved to Illinois and set up a totally new account with AT&T. I have a new user name and account. They mailed me a new motorola modem and cisco router (and then sent me the bill for these things, so I am returning the new modem and router to them). My internet was working with the new motorola modem and router, but since I decided to return those, I plugged in my old 2wire modem. Now I cannot get any internet (either wireless or by ethernet). I tried to reboot from the Gateway page and no luck. Tried ATT help desk and they were useless. Tried pluggin back in my new Motorola modem and it no longer works either. How can I get my old 2wire modem/router working with my AT&T account? Thank you!

    • You will need to enter your at&t login details into your 2wire gateway. You can try holding the reset button on your 2wire gateway while it is unplugged from the electrical. This will reset your gateway and allow your to setup your dsl account with at&t. You will need your dsl account login and password. It is usually your email account that your originally setup for the login name, then the password will be the one you created. Or you can type into your browser, then click on the Broadband link tab. Finally click on advanced settings, you can enter your username and password here. Your broadband connection type is important and could be different from california compared to illinois. Hope this helps you out and solves your problem.

  • 2wire by at&t was working fine yesterday….it is hooked up by ethernet….but all of a sudden it went into wireless mode by itself and I can’t get it to switch back…what do I do

  • We have a small business using a 2wire 2701HG-B. We have a device on the network not directly plugged into the gateway that has a static ip. I need to make a firewall exception/port forwarding to the IP assigned. However the 2wire is not detecting it on the list of devices. I logged into the 2wire using the http://ip address/managment/ and made sure the 2wire can ping it using the Network Tests link. I also made a DNS Device entry mapped to the IP. I still don’t see it on the list of devices so i can make a port forward to the ip needed.

    Is there a way i can manually enter this via Command line or another back door?

    • I have had the same problem and was never able to solve this problem. You can always set the pc to dz mode, but this will open all ports and leave the pc un secure. Sorry I can’t help you.

  • We currently use ATT with a 2Wire device that uses a telephone jack connection to the device from the DSL wall slot. What do we need to do to set up an Airport Express device?
    Thanks for your help.

    • You should be able to use a program on your mac that displays the available wireless networks within range of your computer. Simply click the wifi router that is yours then type the 10 digit wireless security code located on the router to connect to your network

  • I have a 2wire at&t modem. Last week the 3rd light went off. Then after a reset it came back on but the broadlink turned red. AT&T said it’s a password problem. We were given a password and it worked for a few days now it happened again. The dsl link is connected but the Internet is not. We have had this modem for over 5 years.

  • I had this 2wire at&t modem set up at an old location with my wife’s laptop, and it functioned well with my family’s laptops… We are moving to a new location, taking the modem and my laptop.

    We have requested DSL service from AT&T…

    Do I just plug the modem into the telephone jack (with the DSL service) with the same username and password and then we all up and running??? Or are there special procedures to follow??? Do I need my wife’s laptop to configure or not needed at all. I don’t have the installation guide so I am not sure what is what… Could I change the username to reflect the new location or must I go by the 2WIRExxx naming convention??? Thanks….

    • You should have to setup your modem with a different username and password. Hold the reset button on the modem for 10 seconds with the modem unplugged from the electrical outlet should force your modem into the dsl setup wizard.

  • How will the reset be done if there is no electricity power on the modem???

    I can’t find the CD installation disk… is there a download on the website somewhere???

    • It will clear all the setting on the modem. Once the modem reboots, open internet explorer on the computer. The modem will automatically redirect you to setup the modem, and this is where you would put your new dsl login information.

  • I have yet to see an answer about the CD installation disk? Can I re-set the modem without electricity???



  • I have AT&T 2701 HG-B router i’m having problems that i cannot receives any phone line connection for my laptop or the desktop. When using Westell router for my desktop I have connection to the phone line, so what am i doing wrong or what the problems this router have.

    • Im not understanding what you are trying to do. Are you having problems with your phone or with your internet connection?

  • I have an extra new 2wire 2701hg-b, but now run through comcast. i have a good wireless router, but need more oomph to the signal. Can the 2wire be reconfigured as a wireless repeater? or might it possibly be used instead of the wireless router if the 2wire’s signal is better? Thanks in advance

    • There is no way of make the 2wire gateway a repeater. You could try changing you current wireless router onto a different channel. Try changing your wireless router from channel 6 to channel 1.

  • I have a 2 wire 2701HG-B wireless gateway. Mu wife was using a Hallmark “infolink” through the wired port. It worked fine until a storm and now doesn’t work. Everything else works – the Infolink was replaced and ithe replacement doesn’t work.

    Her onlie support says it is the gateway. One of the reasons is the support says the lights are not functioning properly because the middle 2 lights (ethernet and wireless) are flashing green. The support claims they should be solid green so it’s not workingright. All my experience says the flashing indicates activity either on the LAn or the wireless. Wife now won’t believe me. I am trying to find a manual to show her – got any help for this -I can’t get her to drop it.

    • I think you are correct about the wireless and ethernet lights flashing, this does usually means activity on that connection. If your other computers and devices are working, then you know that your 2wire gateway is ok. Of course woman are always right, lol. I would unplug the gateway for 30 seconds then try again. If you need a new gateway or this works for you, make sure you tell your wife that she was right. Good luck!

  • I have a 2wire and I simply want to move it from the back bedroom to the living room, where my AV equipment is located, if I unplug and move the 2wire and the filter to the living room, will I have to reset or reconfigure the 2wire?

  • I have a 2Wire 2701 set up and connected to a desktop. I also access it wirelessly with two different laptops and my children’s DSi’s. I recently ran cabling throughout my house to connect two Sony Bluray players and a Sony TV to the Internet. All three say they can see the network and that connection is good but none can get out to the Internet. They are all set on auto detect but keep coming back with an IP address outside of the DHCP range of the 2Wire gateway. Yesteday I tried to connect my DirecTV box and had the same problem. I have turned off the wifi on my laptop and tested each cable independently and was able to access the Internet each time so it must be a setting somewhere I am missing. Someone suggested disabling the firewall, but that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • My only suggestion is to connect all the network devices with ethernet cables and power on all the devices. Then unplug your 2wire gateway and plug the power cable back in forcing the gateway to reboot. Maybe this will allow the network devices to aquire the ip address. You could also try setting a static ip address on your bluray and tv to see if that works.

  • we have a gateway 2wire router, and me and my wife want to know if there is a way to disable the internet signal to our 12 year old daughters room computer after hours?. the gateway is in our bedroom on our p.c. we are up later and want to continue to surf the net, but as a parental precaution, we want to be able to cut her access to the internet if it is possible to do when we have settled in for the night. is there a way to do this from our p.c.? thank you for any reply

  • thank you much!

  • I have a 2701HG-B. For a couple years it has worked fine having two computers and two printers plugged into it, and a notebook computer (the one that wanders around the house and workshop) hooked up to it wirelessly into a network named 2wire1.

    Recently, when I try to use the notebook in the morning, it shows disconnected from the network. It happened every once in a while a few weeks ago, now it is happening just about every morning, and this morning it took half an hour of rebooting computers and 2701HG-B to finally get it to hook up. The notebook seems to have a problem with hooking into the network because it will show connected for 20 seconds, then not show the 2wire1 network at all. It also shows three of the neighbors’ networks as well.

    Also, all the ethernet computers are disconnected from the internet for a while as well.

    What could be causing the 2701HG-B to lose the connection to the internet every morning, but then finally access the internet?



  • after installation of the dsl and router equipment I \’m having problems with my email.

  • I’m having problems with my email and am slow getting on the internet, since dsl and router equipent installed

  • I would like to know if the AT&T 2 wire router Gateway 2701HG-B will be ok to use on 2 notebooks? Right now I’m using it for a notebook and old desktop windows xp? or will I need to replace the router? If so what will I need ? Thank you for any information.

  • How can I configure Windows ME with an Actiontec GT701C modem to AT&T DSL? I have seen numerous articles and YouTube- type videos claiming it can be done, but have never seen any intelligible instructions to assist me. My quest is turning into a part time hobby. Any ideas?

    Thank you for your attention.


  • I am trying to use my wireless att&t 2wire but I forgot my password. How can I retrieve or set a new one?

  • I HATE my 2wire router.
    The DNS lookup for local “devices” is AWFUL. Once again, I have computer “A” referenced twice in the router tables, once for wireless (.64) and once wired (.72). When I do a ‘host “A”‘ it returns an IP address of .71 which corresponds to no device on the router.

    99.99 percent of users probably have no problems. But if you have client/server programs running, avoid this router until they allow you to turn off local DNS and run some real DNS software or they fix this problem.

    Whenever the router goes screwy, I have to wipe the device list and reassign IP addresses by hand so I don’t have to reconfigure all my client/server programs. The easiest way for me, is to turn everything off and boot them in the order the DNS previously assigned the IP addresses. I really have a hard time thinking this is something I have done, but am open to the possibility. I think it is just bad programming of the DNS software on the router.

    Someday I might have to get a real router, which will mean leaving AT&T. – RoyBoy626

    • I do not have at&t anymore and have switched to charter. 30 mbs for $30 a month. You could set a static ip on your wired and this might eliminate the problem.

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  • I have a Tenant who left an AT&T 2 wire Gateway and says at&t doesn’t want it back. Left a battery back-up also. I have an old Linksys and wondered if this 2wire might give me more speed. can i set it up myself?

    • It probably won’t give you anymore speed unless you upgrade your dsl plan. You should be able to use it. All you have to do is reset the modem and configure the dsl settings on the 2wire router so they connect with your At&t dsl account.

  • Probably your dsl provider is doing maintenance work or wired a new customer and messed up your line. You could also have a bad gateway. You will need to call your dsl provider and have them look into it. I had the same problem when at&t brought uverse to my neighborhood.

  • More the likely not since your Yvette and DSL ring on different technology. You would have to talk to at&t to see if you can get it to work.

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