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With all the way to connect your Dish Network receiver to the internet, how about connecting with a 2wire wireless gaming adapter. I will be using the 2wire wireless adapter from the 1022 At&t Homezone on a Vip 612 receiver.

What I am showing you will also work with all the Vip and K series Dish Network receivers. This 2wire wireless adapter can also work on your Xbox, PS3, Pc, laptop etc.  To setup you 2wire wireless adapter with your Dish Network receiver you will need the following:

  • Computer
  • 2Wire Wireless Gaming Adapter
  • Wireless Router “I’m using a 2wire 2700 HG-B
  • Vip, K series or receiver with ethernet

The first thing that you must do to setup your dish network receiver with the wireless gaming adapter is to configure the gaming adapter to be able to talk with your wireless router. So what you will need to do is plug the 2wire wireless adapter directly into your router and power the wireless adapter on. Then point a web browser to your routers default gateway. This will usually be or

2wire Router Gateway

Once your web browser open up your wireless router’s default gateway screen look for an option that will allow you to see the ip address of 2wire wireless gaming adapter. Once you find the wireless located in the list, click on view details to see the ip address.

At&t Device Details

Now that you have the ip address of the gaming adapter, you will now need to type this address into your web browser. You should now see a screen that resembles the image below, which will allow you to change setting on the 2wire wireless adapter.

2wire Gaming Adapter System Summary

Open up the wireless setting option from the list on the left side of the screen. Within screen you can now see a list of all the local wireless networks within range of the adapter. Pick your wireless network from the list and fill in the detail for you security encryption. The only problem is that 2wire wireless adapter does not work WPA2, but works with WEP and WPA.

2wire Gaming Adapter Wireless Settings

After you have configured you wireless adapter, unplug it from you router and now plug it into your Dish Network receiver. Once you plug in the power cord, press the menu button on your dish network remote. Then press:

  • #6 for system setup
  • #1 for installation
  • #8 for broadband setup
  • #1 for Network Setup

Now all you have to do is reset your connection to acquire the ip address from the gaming adapter for the dish network receiver. If you see a then there is a problem.

Dish Network network setup

Your Dish Network receiver is now online and ready to begin downloading content from Dish On Demand. Just press the DVR button and press #5 for Dish ONLINE. If you have any problems make sure that you have setup port forwarding for the port range of 2200 – 2299.

19 Responses to 2wire Wireless Adapter

  • Jeff says:

    I’m trying to use this setup with a VIP722K and having no luck. I set up the gaming adapter as instructed. Plugged it into my VIP722K and the wireless light shuts off. No connection. I plugged the gaming adapter into 2 different laptops and got a connection but the VIP722K for some reason disables the wireless on the gaming adapter. Any suggestions?

    • machesked says:

      Did you aquire a ip address on the receiver? If not press the menu button, then 6 for system setuo , 1 for installation then 8 for broadband setup then 1 for network setup. What is your wireless encryption set on the router and wireless adapter set to. Also the 722k receive can receive a internet connect through the power cable. Make sure that the technician who installed your system didn’t install a DishCOMM device such as the slinklink or the DishCOMM phonex. These devices could interfare with aquiring a ip address. If you already have a slinglink, then you can use this for your internet connection instead of wireless.

      • Jeff says:

        Sorry meant to make the other reply a reply to this post. I am using WPA personal with TKIP encryption. The gaming adapter is set up to use this and has no problem connecting unless the VIP722K is connected to it.

        • Jeff says:

          I just figured out I do have a DishCOMM device. I have a dual DVR receiver and I’m guessing this is for my second remote that communicates over UHF through a little antenna in the back of the receiver. But I was able to get an ip by connecting the receiver to my laptop so I’m ot sure why it didnt work on the gaming adapter. If the DishCOMM device was causing a problem then I shouldnt have been able to get an IP from my laptop connection either. I’m thinking maybe I should change the IP range for my network and see if maybe there is an IP address conflict. I’ll be trying that shortly.

          • Jeff says:

            Ok the DishCOMM device I saw was just my receiver. I dont have any external devices. The IP conflict theory didnt go anywhere either. I think I’m out of ideas. Been trying to get it working for a few hours now. No luck.

          • machesked says:

            What kind of router are you using?

          • Jeff says:

            Im using a Linksys WRT54G router.

          • machesked says:

            Also try resetting your satellite receiver with the adapter plugged in.

          • Jeff says:

            That worked. I hit reset and when it woke up it connected. Awesome! I’m online! Thanks for your help. I knew there was a way to connect this thing without running 75 feet of Cat5. And it only cost me $27 0n eBay.

          • machesked says:

            Sweet, I’m glad to hear that it worked for you.

          • Daniela says:

            (Electronics) I’ve been running the roeutr for over 72 hours without a dropped connection. Setup is very easy. I didn;t use the wizard, but set it up manually instead. I am using the WPA-PSK feature which makes protecting my system much easier and more secure than typing a 32 character WEP HEX code. The throughput is very good and the roeutr is much better than my old Belkin 802.11b, which would lose packets all the time when I played HALO or ran SSH/SCP, regardless of DMZ, application gateways or virtual servers. *People who get dropped connections with this roeutr Pay attention* One caveat: I did notice that if I let WinXP control my WiFi adapters then I do get frequent connection drops. Perhaps this is why everyone here has dropping problems? Try letting the manufacturer’s software control your card. Two of my computer ran the manufacturer’s software and they got no drops, another ran WinXP control configs and drop frequently. When I removed WinXP’s WiFi control of this 3rd system the dropping abated.

  • Jeff says:

    I followed the steps going through the menu as you suggest and got no ip address. I plugged the VIP722K receiver’s ethernet into my laptop ethernet and shared my wireless connection with it. The dish network receiver got an ip and was able to connect to the internet. I plugged the gaming adapter into the ethernet on my laptop and got a connection through it for my laptop no problem. I plug in the gaming adapter with nothing connected to its ethernet and I’m able to access it from my laptop wirelessly on IP I get to the configuration and see that everything is as its supposed to be. The wireless light is on on the gaming adapter. When I plug the ethernet from the VIP722K into the gaming adapter the wireless light shuts off on the gaming adapter and the dish receiver can’t get an IP. Its like the dish receiver is shutting off the wireless. I’m baffled. I dont know what a slinglink is or DishCOMM phonex but I have no way for it to get a connection without buying the homeplug adapter for my router. The plugin for this receiver is a homeplug adapter but I’m not sure if that would cause any problems.

  • Tia Zuehlke says:

    i want to buy an xbox 360 wireless adapter i have a 2WIRE router with a model number 2701HG-B is give off a wireless signal is this a good wireless router to have so i don’t lag when i play gears of war 2 online?

  • Tia Zuehlke says:

    if you can… how?

  • Monique Spalding says:

    My roommate has a belkin router and i have a desktop with a 2wire 802.11g/b wireless adapter. I cannot pick up her network but can get others in the area. Other people who come to the house are able to pick up her network just fine. What do I need to do?
    My adapter is a USB adapter.

  • Abbey Spencer says:

    i am about to buy a wireless adapter for my xbox360 because my laptop that i used for xbox live broke.I was wondering if a 2wire router was an a,b,g,or n network.

  • Eberhard says:

    I like to think myself somewhat tech savvy, but can’t seem to wrap my head around this.

    Our house uses a 2wire gateway (2701HG). Every time my laptop turns on, it resets itself, causing everyone else in the house to lose their internet connection temporarily until it reestablishes itself. This makes the gamers particularly upset when it happens without warning. This is the only computer that does that to the wireless.

    That being said, can anyone offer some ideas on how to stop it from doing that?

  • Patsy Herring says:

    Is so how do you do it and does it work for any xbox360?

  • Maggie Saucier says:

    When ever I plug my 2Wire USB Wireless Adapter into my computer’s USB port, the green light will stay on for 2 seconds, then it will start blinking (like 3 seconds) and then it will just turn off and my computer doesn’t recognize it.
    I have the small gray wireless adapter and it has an antenna that you can slip up and down and move around. It has one small light, and a detachable clip. SN – XG72B54WU010598
    2Wire 820.11g USB Wireless Adapter

    Whats the problem? How can I fix?

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